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Body lotion vs body butter: Which works best for your skin type? 

If dry skin is bothering you and you’re confused between a body lotion and body butter, this guide will make the decision easy-peasy for you.

Winter season is here upon us. It brings along a bevy of skin issues, wherein dry and flaky skin is one of the most common among them. During the colder months, our skin tends to lose all the moisture. In an attempt to keep the skin smooth and hydrated, a lot of ladies resort to various thick, buttery creams and lotions.

Both body butters and lotions keep your skin soft and hydrated with natural ingredients but they are very different. While there are a plethora of options available in the market, it’s important to realize that different skin types require different products.


Lotions can be used both during day and night. They are non-comedogenic and do not clog pores. Lotion is lighter than body butter and has a non-greasy feel to it that absorbs quickly into the skin. It’s actually an emulsion blend of water and oils both, making it great for those with not so dry skin

Body Butters

Body butter has a heavier, balmier feeling than lotion. It’s great for dry patches areas of our body, like the elbows, hands, legs and feet.  Body butters tend to have a greasy texture and are perfect for those who have a very dry skin.  Use body butter when you need a more intensive moisturiser. This is ideal for rougher skin, as well as all over the body. Butters should be preferably be used during night time as our skin is in the repair mode when we sleep. Hence, it tends to be more effective when used at night.

The main difference between these two products is that body butter contains more oils thus giving it a thicker consistency than body lotion. The choice between the two depends on your skin type. Those with relatively drier skin can benefit more from body butters than lotions.